ICBS 2018



a symposium to be held at

 Chepelare , Bulgaria

27 th – 30 th of September , 2018



Organized by

Museum of Speleology and Rhodope Karst in Chepelare 
Bulgarian Caving Society
National Museum of Natural History - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences BAS

Dear Colleagues

It is a great honour to invite you to the 24th International Cave Bear Symposium in Bulgaria  and introduce to you a beautiful place in the heart of Europe.

In 2018 , we will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of  the founding of the museum collection of the Museum of Speleology and the Rhodope Karst.

We hope that the symposium will be not only an important meeting of experts of cave bears and Quaternary fauna from whole Europe, but also an important social and cultural event and happening. The entire Organization and Scientific Committee is cordially looking forward to you.