Museum of Speleology and Rhodope Karst in Chepelare

The museum was founded as "Museum of Rhodope karst" in 1980 by Dimitar Raychev, a teacher in biology and a famous and passionate speleologist-researcher of the Rhodopi mountain. His researches and studies in Triagalna cave have been very intensive.

The museum has a vast collection of 9,400 speleologic and 7,100 scientific exhibits. The public exhibition has a size of 870m² and is grouped into five main topics.

The Geology section concentrates on general mineralogy, cave mineralogy, petrography. The Geomorphology Section concentrates on the karst, both sub aerial and subterranean karst forms.

The Biospeleology Section exhibits 40 troglobites and troglophile species.

 The Paleontology Section shows the remains of Tertiary animal, mostly bones and teeth found in the caves. There are many remains of cave bear (Ursus spelaeus), the jaw of a leopard, the upper jaw and tusks of a rhinoceros, bones of a wild horse, and the skull of a buffalo.

The Archaeology Section shows many human remains from the Paleolithic and Mesolithic. The collection includes tools made of stone, bones and flint, decorated pottery, various molds, and needles.